Are You An Expert In Your Field?

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Who should be an Authority?

A business owner with an ideal client that's a small business owner. If that’s not your audience, it’s not for you!

Who can be an Authority?

If you have five years’ experience in your industry AND two years running your business, then you qualify as an authority, in your field of expertise.

If you can display your expertise and knowledge practically, even without these, you may be able to gain a special exemption. For instance, you may have experience training small business owners for the last five years in the area of expertise.

What is the audience of the Better Small Business School? Upon commencement, you’ll have premium access to over 5000 small business owners through the group of Brisbane Small Business.

Ongoing as the audience of the school grows it will continue beyond this region and numbers.

What’s in it for me and my business?

You’ll be creating a sophisticated sales funnel that displays your expertise, your knowledge and offers prospective clients a view of what it’s like to work with you.

  • Ready-to-Go Workshop
  • Unique Sales Funnel
  • Advertising Opportunity
  • Free Gift
  • Ready-to-Go Workshop

    Take out the hassle of planning your workshop! All workshops developed for the school follow an easy process handled by our team, just add your content and we'll take care of the rest.

    Answer one of those questions you’re commonly asked by prospects. Help them before they even meet you.

    What we do:

      Workshop Consultation with our team to brainstorm ideas and the content
      Creation of your Presentation PowerPoint
      Creation of your Presentation Workbook
      Hire of the boardroom to film the workshop
      An audience to present the workshop to
      Filming and editing of the Workshop
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    Develop a Sales Funnel Approach to Convert More Prospects

    We work with you on developing an approach to convert more prospects. Ever notice some prospects are really keen and suddenly go cold without notice?

    1. Our approach to helping you display what you do, without the heavy investment, is how you will convert more sales.
    2. Our regular webinars are designed to help you with marketing, sales and running your business more effectively.
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    Direct weekly advertising access to the growing 5,000+ strong BSB Facebook Group

    As an Authority you have Premium BSB Membership automatically. Using your Authority Badge, you can advertise in the group and place your product/service in front of thousands of small business owners each week. Conditions Apply.

    Utilise the Badge provided to School Authorities in advertising to show our endorsement.

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    A free gift for prospects - through your very own landing page

    Each Authority will be provided a “secret landing page” displaying their name, their content and the fact that anyone finding this is a guest of you, with special access into the school at no cost for a limited time.

Simply put, you’ll attract more prospects, and convert more of your current opportunities through using your authority with the school.

A true Win:Win scenario for you and your prospects

Your Investment to become a Better Small Business School Authority

Access to thousands of small business owners, the networking with other authorities, the education through ongoing webinars and of course school membership to enjoy your colleague's programs also.


including GST for Filming & Workshop
+ $97 per month (minimum 12 months)

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  • Ready-to-Go Workshop
  • Unique Sales Funnel
  • Advertising Opportunities
  • Free Gift
  • Private Authority Facebook Group & other Networking Events
  • Unlimited Access to Workshops by other Authorities

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